Conference room IOLDCs

Organisation Internationale Pour Les Pays Les Moins Avancés (OIPMA)
The International Organization for the Least Developed Countries (IOLDCs)

This is an online platform working through video conference and webinar, where people interested and stake-holders can request a time in order to have discussions on the topics under the mandate of IOLCs; provide suggestions for future reports or statements; offer partnerships; suggest projects or other proposals. When there are no conferences, the page is directly linked with the UN webcast. This is thought specially for those stakeholders and human rights defenders who are not able to meet IOLDCs’ representatives in person but have an important role to play in the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and the empowerment of LDC under the mandate of IOLDCs. Please request a time and IOLDCs’ staff will appoint a suitable date for you. If you prefer to add comments, documents and suggestions, you can also use our chat to ask questions or to raise your opinions.